Innovate Auto Finance purchases subprime automobile loans from dealerships and finance companies across the United States. Our approach offers competitive pricing, customized sale terms, fast funding, smooth and efficient borrower transition, best-in-class loan servicing, personalized attention pre and post portfolio sale.

Following you can see our program's standards, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
• Days past due equal to or less than 20 days
• APR% above 9%
• Must have Social Security Number
• Principal Balance greater than $2,999
• No Weekly Payments
• No Pick-up Payments still due • No Any indication of dealer modification (APR, Term, Etc)
• Year Models 2007 and newer
• No Monthly Terms greater than 72 months
• No Over 200,000 miles
• No Cautionary Vehicles – Saturn, Suzuki, Isuzu

Loan Guideline Targets:
• LTV under 250%
• Seasoning 3 months or more
• Year model 7 years or newer
• Miles under 130,000
• Avg APR – 20% or higher

If the sale is accepted the following legal documents are required:
• Articles of incorporation
• Dealer Bond
• Dealer License
• Wiring Instructions
• Driver’s license, title, and name of officer company
• Three months of most recent bank statements/cover sheets
• Completed Seller Profile Sheet